Building a home is a very personal, exciting and rewarding experience. Along the way you may have uncertainties and questions – at Vermont we live for a peaceful and worry-free lifestyle, which is why we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Choosing Your Builder

When building at Vermont you can choose whichever builder is right for you and your family, as there are no restrictions on who can build at Vermont. There has been a strong mix of architecturally designed homes, master builder homes and project or contract builders, which residents have decided to use. A number of residents with building skills have chosen the owner/builder path and it has been exciting seeing new designs pop-up and the use of technology to provide high green star ratings and energy efficient homes.

Style of Home

One of the many advantages of building your dream home is that you are there from the beginning. You can modify designs to suit your family’s needs, whether that is an extra room, larger dinning areas, cinema room, alfresco, an extra storey or swimming pool. At Vermont there are Design Guidelines that your architect/builder will need to adhere to as your home design will need to meet the requirements. You can download a copy of the Design Guidelines here. The Vermont Design Guidelines have been put in place for a number of reasons, however it doesn’t mean that every house in the neighbourhood is going to look the same, more so that Vermont retains a certain look and feel. This is beneficial for residents, as you know the person that buys the block next to you can’t do certain things and in the long-term preserves the value of your home.

Your home design will need to be submitted to the Design Review Panel prior to lodging your Development Application with council. Your builder will usually do this and we are always here to help and assist you.

Building Timeframe

We understand that building your new dream home isn’t something that you do every day and everyone has different circumstances. This is why there are no restrictions when it comes to the timeframe in which you need to start building your home at Vermont. You can start building the day of settlement or you can wait as long as needed.

House & Land Packages

Deciding what style of home to build on your block of land and determining what the final price will be can be a little daunting for some. To make things a little easier we have created a number of House & Land packages from a wide selection of builders. These will change depending on the land release and we are here to answer any questions you might have and help you achieve the perfect outcome for you and your family.

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