At Vermont we believe in family, friends and real connections. We are building a community for growing families who want to spend more time together in a natural, safe and healthy environment. So often these days we spend so much time making a living, that we forget to make a life. Our aim is to provide a better balance for our community, which is why we’ve invested a lot into the way we’ve developed Vermont. It’s a big side-step from the hectic pace of the city, and we’ve catered for all the things that make life that little bit easier, like the NBN, easy connection to all services, a purpose built recycling water plant, and flat blocks of land.

With the extra-wide streets, safe walking trails, parks and bike tracks, and a total of only 659 lots, Vermont is a unique and natural place to call home with an established sense of community. With the space for families to do almost anything they please, and plenty of outdoor and river-based activities at our doorstep, at Vermont you don’t just own a home - you own balance, peace-of-mind and an abundant lifestyle.

Expect more living, more connection, and more opportunities to live now, not later.

Expect more at Vermont.