Get a one in 5 (or better) chance of winning a $30,000 Holiday of a lifetime voucher by buying one of the last remaining blocks in our Vermont land release in Pitt Town!

Our land is already half the price of nearby estates in Box Hill and North Kellyville, as low as $558/m2*.

Terms and Conditions

  1. For the purposes of this promotion the 'developer' is the Johnson Property Group (JPG).
  2. For the purposes of this promotion the 'prize' is a voucher giving the holder credit of $30,000 to spend on flights, accommodation and any other travel expenses, to be utilised by no later than 20th December 2020 (Prize).
  3. The Prize will be drawn in manner set out below (Draw).
  4. A purchaser of any of the remaining blocks in our Central Precinct land release (Lots 217, 302, 309, 322, 323), that exchange contracts at full asking price within 14 days of first inspection, and settle on the purchase by no later than 4 weeks thereafter and before 30 June 2020 (End Date), will go into the Draw as a 'purchaser's ticket'.
  5. Any block that has not sold on the above terms and settled by 25 February 2020 will go into the Draw as a 'developer's ticket', such that any qualifying purchaser's ticket always retains a one in five chance of winning the Draw.
  6. If a developer's ticket wins the Draw then the developer will retain the Prize and deal with it in whatever manner it elects, at its absolute discretion.
  7. Procedure for the Draw:
    1. No later than 14 days after the End Date, JPG will notify all qualifying purchasers the time and location at which the Draw is to be conducted.
    2. All qualifying purchasers will be at liberty to attend the location at the appointed time and witness the Draw, although a purchaser is under no obligation to attend the Draw and will in any case be notified if it is the winner of the Draw.
    3. Five tickets, one representing each of the qualifying purchasers and any developer's tickets representing any unsold blocks, shall be entered into a hat and drawn out by Mr Keith Johnson of JPG (or his nominee), in a random manner and without any ability to see the identity of any of the tickets.
    4. The winning ticket shall be announced immediately to anyone in attendance and subsequently, notified to the winning party as quickly as practicable, in the event that the winner is not present at the Draw.
    5. The outcome of the Draw shall be final, and the Draw will not be repeated under any circumstances.
  8. Following the Draw, the Prize will be presented to the winner at a time and place to be announced by JPG (but no later than 14 days after the date of the Draw) (Presentation).
  9. Any purchaser of a block may elect to not participate in the Draw, in which case that purchaser’s ticket will be substituted with a developer's ticket. However, by entering the Draw any purchaser gives its full and irrevocable consent for JPG to refer to the Draw in any of its marketing and advertising materials and campaigns, and to utilise in such marketing and advertising materials and campaigns, still and video images created at the Presentation, the Draw or any other event related to the Draw and the Prize, including images of and references to any of the purchaser that participated in the Draw.

* Based on comparison between the square metre rate of JPG Vermont Lot 309 calculated at $558/m2 and average square metre rates in various estates in Box Hill and Kellyville, observed to be between $1,200-$1,500 per m2.